Sunday, December 2, 2012

I bought this wood tray yesterday.. fixed the scratches with matching stain.. it was there twice before, but it was 10 bucks. Today was half off day and they had marked it down to 2.99 .. so $1.50 for this awesome tray with gold handles.. The Ravens look  Celtic or Norse.  It reminds  me of Game of Thrones.  It's pretty big,.. meant for a serving tray. I think I will mount it on the wall with brackets when I get into my new place (Yes, I am on a Home buying search.) After moving close to 20 times in many many different states I am ready to settle down and buy a home. Well buy a mortgage for a home :)  I am looking in Atlanta at houses around $50,000 and yes they are there. And no they aren't in the Ghetto LOL. I guess I am ready to "Nest"  I have been buying tons of stuff here in Phoenix that I will have to move when I go, but I had so little stuff to begin with after all of those moves.   I worry that the Thrifting will not be as good, as where I am now, so I am stocking up for my bigger place, when I get it eventually.  I am working on the pre-approval process now, wish me luck and send a prayer my way if you can, that it will all work out good for me.  

Here's the beginning of the faux treatment on the desk I got last month for $7.50  , it is going to be neat when I get done.. I am thinking of putting some kind of medal or design in the circle parts on the leg/s and on the mirror.. and stenciling something nerdish cool on the top part.. I dunno a dragon or a celtic knot.. I love the raven design on the tray. It inspired me ...  It was marked $15.00 and it was half off day at Goodwill. I thought about getting it to sale but now I know I want to adopt instead of Foster it :)

I painted it creamy white. Now I am pouncing walnut stain 

on with an old sock. Pounce  it a 

few times then blot with the dry part to blend.

It looks like an old parchment finish.. Then I want to find 

some cool medallions to put on 

the front circles.. I think I may stencil the top if 

I can find some really cool graphic like that triple raven on 

the tray.

Lastly, I am in the market for a digital camera so you all can 

get better pics on my blog.. I just want a cheap one, but not

a crappy cheap one.. or if someone upgraded and wants to 

give away there old one, leave me a comment!

 I have actually had a few Thrift Hauls since I started my 

last Thrift Haul post.. TOLD you I had an addiction.. I will 

finish that on Monday or so...   Then I will start adding "My

Favorite Find" posts every day or so, where I show you

what T.S or C.L (Thrift Store or Craigslist) find I am in love 

with now!

Sorry about the weird highlights on the letters, still working 

figuring out the blog editor...

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