Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thrift Haul   12/20/12   The end of the World is nigh, I might as well shop!

I LOVE ART.. I love Abstract art especially... Spent too much on these..  It's 3 Pieces.
$7.00 each for $21.  I love it,, and it's Original.. so how could I not buy it? How much would this
go for in a Gallery or an Art Show?  Look at the Colors, the Texture..  Anytime I see Art I love that is no
crazy expensive.. I buy it.  I want a house FILLED with art. I want a Gallery that I live in!

Yes, More ART...  cheaper at $4.00  This is on plywood wrapped fabric.. How clever. So I will need to find a cheap frame for it.. BUT this will look super high end Chic when it is framed and on my wall... 

My Christmas Tree.. my cat Roo eats real or fake trees .. SO I had
to find something festive that I could have instead.  And I wanted
to start on my Christmas collection .   $2.99 for the Jeweled Tree,

So pretty!  They can  be Christmas time or anytime.. Very Chic and only .99 each.. I found then on different parts of the Goodwill.. they had been seperated.. now they are Home again. Together. One was .99, the other was marked $3.99    I pointed out they were a set AND they gave the second one to me for the lower price!  YAY.  

Super cool mounted Map.. This was $1.99  The funnt thing is.. It had a price sticker on it from Goodwill of Denver for $2.99     I am so going on their Facebook page (Goodwill of Denver..Yes they have their own page) and tell them how their item ended up in Phoenix AZ at another Goodwill... Hundreds of miles away  and a 
Dollar cheaper!

Leaf tray.. I like wood, leaves, trees.. It's a theme.  $4.99  It's a nifty tray.

1970's Brass Art deco Butterflies wall hanging.. Going to be sold on Etsy..   4 for $10    BTW.. my etsy store link is :

Two cool baskets $3.00 each.. Just love the color and texture..

Frame 12 X 9 Vintage Print of The Dutch Courtyard by Peter De Hooch   $3.99  I was going to sell it.. But it's growing on me....

 50's Vintage Holdiay Scottish Plaid Tray.. $2.99    Once again .. was gonna sale it.. might keep it for my own Holiday Display....

Faux Croc Box  $1.50

LOVE LOVE this clock..   $2.99   How could I not get it.. 

The beginnings of my Holiday Display for Years to come!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What you see. What I see!

I found this today for $5.00    I am thinking I will restore it., sand the top, spray it different color. and find a neat round tray to replace the missing top.... 

What  do you see?  Junk?   A project?

This is what I see!  INSTANT CAT BED! At least until 
it takes on a new life..

Brucey seems to like it!  

My Rough Horses...

 So  many things I love so much about thrifting is the thrill of the find, the excitement over  the price and then... The Detective work begins. I get home and the internet search starts.  Point in case are these two Horse Head Bookends. I saw one on the Goodwill shelf and loved him, I knew they would be pricey... wait $4.99   I did not care there were not two, I just loved the way it looked and then I saw the matching Horse.  In my cart they went right away.   A month or so went by before I found any info on them.  Someone else had a set of  my Horses. There's were pretty much perfect , mine have seen better days.. Been ridden hard really fits here.  Mine have so much character though.. Spots where the finish is gone, a missing ear (Metal.. how do you break off a metal ear)   One is missing the felt and cardboard bottom. 

And here is Horse #1 after a coat of Spray Paint.. I will do Two or three to bring back his stunning good

  Here is the pic of the perfect Horses.. Mine will be very close when I am done..


Hand Cast Metal Horse Head Bookends


This is an older set of PM Philadelphia Mfg. Co. hand cast metal ware. Probably from the 1960's. They are of a silver color (possibly a silver plate as there is some tarnish) plated white metal. The horses headwearing a halter. Very nice design work that is well proportioned.
They areabout 6 7/8" tall. 7 1/2" long and about 3 7/8" deep. They show some wear and minor dents around the base area, some light tarnish, but not bad. The felt bottom and manufacturer stickers are in good condition. Cast wording on the book side of each read "PMC 89B". They are very heavy and will hold books.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thrift Haul...  25% off day at Savers in  Tempe AZ

So cute!  It's Rusty and Rustic :)    I have very few "seasonal" things and what I have is very year around in theme..

I just love anything British, so I had to have it and at .75 cents, why not?

Skirt for a Cheerleading Costume *Thrown back Tampa Bay Bucs from the 70's* $2.00

Not a clue who Brook is, but I now own her zip high tops! $11.25 I will Brook no disagreement on how 
awesome Thrift Stores are!

Close up of the Crest of Wales on this nifty wooden Jewelry box, It will need some stain and maybe some
sanding to make it look awesome again.. $2.24  Here are 3 pics of the same box!

Bronze vintage Swan? Crane Basket.. I love this.. it's going on Etsy or E-bay.  Made in Korea  *Update :  Found one on Etsy not as nice as mine listed for $42.00 I am going to list mine at $30.00

Isn't it pretty?

AND MY FAV purchase.. Steve Madden platforms  on sale $15.00   New they were $60.00

Pretty happy with my Thrift Haul...   My cat lamp that I got for $7.00 sold on Amazon for $47.00  Happy day! I will  post up a few things I am saleing tomorrow!  I LOVE my new camera.. point, shoot, upload 
ON to you guys!   Would love some comments if you get a minute!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

                                            I got this on a half off day a few months ago and never took a picture..  So cute
                  Just a tiny chandelier, perfect for a place you want to have a light hanging but don't want something big.. It was $3.00!!  So cute... Love the finish, it should go great with that brushed bronze faucet set I got for $2.00    I am going to have the most awesome bathroom or kitchen ever.. eventually.  After I get approved for a mortgate, find a house, move cross country, unpack, decorate and get the rooms done ..
LATEST!!   My NEW camera got debuted :) and it is Thrift Haul  from GOODWILL  HALF PRICE DAY!  I got all of this for... DRUM Roll.....  $47.00

Ann Taylor Jacket, I love this... it is so super classy! half off it was $5.00   My new favorite jacket
I am pairing it with a pair of skinny jeans with lace insets, that I got the day before ($8.00) and these
awesome sexy black lace platforms FOR $6.00 Just need to find the perfect jewelry for this outfit.
This very cute Turq. Blue skirt $2.50  and leather belt  $2.00 with silver belt buckle.

   Charolette Russe Dress... this still had PRICE tags on it for $32.99 and I paid  $5.00  It's size 9 and most likely will go on Ebay.
   Two Pairs of Jeans $4.00 Each
  These will be Pirate Costume Pants and cost $2.00
    Brand new Looking Ann Taylor Jacket  $4.00
    Two cool bathing suits!  $3.00 each.
    SHABBY CHIC  CABINET CURIO ..... WAIT FOR IT!    $5.00!   I can't decied it I want to keep it or sell it on Craigslist

  I LOVE LOVE LOVE  these candle holders..   So bad A$$  sort or abstract metal work. $2.00 Each
   Cute little clock/thermometer/humidity Piece.  $2.00    and abstract white Tree   $1.00
    Hand made ashtray *Change Tray * for me.. Very Rustic and cool iron nails that look hand made. $1.50

  BIRD CAGE!  These are so hot right now for entry ways..  my cost $3.00
Miniature Toby Jug style peice   35 cents

   LOVE this basket!  $2.00  It goes perfect on my re-finished Mahogany side table  
  Need to finish  the left side  and then seal the whole thing... but basket is great in the nook! Perfect size!
                                   Scarecrow hat, for a Scarecrow Costume  $1.00  
                                                German made for Party Lite  Crystal  4 candle holder...  $2.50

As you can see it was a great day for Thrifting!!!!!    Hope you the new clearer pictures too.....   I will have to do a pic wearing my new outfit when I go out for Christmas...     Oh and the Duvet cover on the bed.. that was an older Thrift Store find  $5.00