Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thrift Haul...  25% off day at Savers in  Tempe AZ

So cute!  It's Rusty and Rustic :)    I have very few "seasonal" things and what I have is very year around in theme..

I just love anything British, so I had to have it and at .75 cents, why not?

Skirt for a Cheerleading Costume *Thrown back Tampa Bay Bucs from the 70's* $2.00

Not a clue who Brook is, but I now own her zip high tops! $11.25 I will Brook no disagreement on how 
awesome Thrift Stores are!

Close up of the Crest of Wales on this nifty wooden Jewelry box, It will need some stain and maybe some
sanding to make it look awesome again.. $2.24  Here are 3 pics of the same box!

Bronze vintage Swan? Crane Basket.. I love this.. it's going on Etsy or E-bay.  Made in Korea  *Update :  Found one on Etsy not as nice as mine listed for $42.00 I am going to list mine at $30.00

Isn't it pretty?

AND MY FAV purchase.. Steve Madden platforms  on sale $15.00   New they were $60.00

Pretty happy with my Thrift Haul...   My cat lamp that I got for $7.00 sold on Amazon for $47.00  Happy day! I will  post up a few things I am saleing tomorrow!  I LOVE my new camera.. point, shoot, upload 
ON to you guys!   Would love some comments if you get a minute!