Sunday, December 16, 2012

LATEST!!   My NEW camera got debuted :) and it is Thrift Haul  from GOODWILL  HALF PRICE DAY!  I got all of this for... DRUM Roll.....  $47.00

Ann Taylor Jacket, I love this... it is so super classy! half off it was $5.00   My new favorite jacket
I am pairing it with a pair of skinny jeans with lace insets, that I got the day before ($8.00) and these
awesome sexy black lace platforms FOR $6.00 Just need to find the perfect jewelry for this outfit.
This very cute Turq. Blue skirt $2.50  and leather belt  $2.00 with silver belt buckle.

   Charolette Russe Dress... this still had PRICE tags on it for $32.99 and I paid  $5.00  It's size 9 and most likely will go on Ebay.
   Two Pairs of Jeans $4.00 Each
  These will be Pirate Costume Pants and cost $2.00
    Brand new Looking Ann Taylor Jacket  $4.00
    Two cool bathing suits!  $3.00 each.
    SHABBY CHIC  CABINET CURIO ..... WAIT FOR IT!    $5.00!   I can't decied it I want to keep it or sell it on Craigslist

  I LOVE LOVE LOVE  these candle holders..   So bad A$$  sort or abstract metal work. $2.00 Each
   Cute little clock/thermometer/humidity Piece.  $2.00    and abstract white Tree   $1.00
    Hand made ashtray *Change Tray * for me.. Very Rustic and cool iron nails that look hand made. $1.50

  BIRD CAGE!  These are so hot right now for entry ways..  my cost $3.00
Miniature Toby Jug style peice   35 cents

   LOVE this basket!  $2.00  It goes perfect on my re-finished Mahogany side table  
  Need to finish  the left side  and then seal the whole thing... but basket is great in the nook! Perfect size!
                                   Scarecrow hat, for a Scarecrow Costume  $1.00  
                                                German made for Party Lite  Crystal  4 candle holder...  $2.50

As you can see it was a great day for Thrifting!!!!!    Hope you the new clearer pictures too.....   I will have to do a pic wearing my new outfit when I go out for Christmas...     Oh and the Duvet cover on the bed.. that was an older Thrift Store find  $5.00

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