Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thrift Haul   12/20/12   The end of the World is nigh, I might as well shop!

I LOVE ART.. I love Abstract art especially... Spent too much on these..  It's 3 Pieces.
$7.00 each for $21.  I love it,, and it's Original.. so how could I not buy it? How much would this
go for in a Gallery or an Art Show?  Look at the Colors, the Texture..  Anytime I see Art I love that is no
crazy expensive.. I buy it.  I want a house FILLED with art. I want a Gallery that I live in!

Yes, More ART...  cheaper at $4.00  This is on plywood wrapped fabric.. How clever. So I will need to find a cheap frame for it.. BUT this will look super high end Chic when it is framed and on my wall... 

My Christmas Tree.. my cat Roo eats real or fake trees .. SO I had
to find something festive that I could have instead.  And I wanted
to start on my Christmas collection .   $2.99 for the Jeweled Tree,

So pretty!  They can  be Christmas time or anytime.. Very Chic and only .99 each.. I found then on different parts of the Goodwill.. they had been seperated.. now they are Home again. Together. One was .99, the other was marked $3.99    I pointed out they were a set AND they gave the second one to me for the lower price!  YAY.  

Super cool mounted Map.. This was $1.99  The funnt thing is.. It had a price sticker on it from Goodwill of Denver for $2.99     I am so going on their Facebook page (Goodwill of Denver..Yes they have their own page) and tell them how their item ended up in Phoenix AZ at another Goodwill... Hundreds of miles away  and a 
Dollar cheaper!

Leaf tray.. I like wood, leaves, trees.. It's a theme.  $4.99  It's a nifty tray.

1970's Brass Art deco Butterflies wall hanging.. Going to be sold on Etsy..   4 for $10    BTW.. my etsy store link is :

Two cool baskets $3.00 each.. Just love the color and texture..

Frame 12 X 9 Vintage Print of The Dutch Courtyard by Peter De Hooch   $3.99  I was going to sell it.. But it's growing on me....

 50's Vintage Holdiay Scottish Plaid Tray.. $2.99    Once again .. was gonna sale it.. might keep it for my own Holiday Display....

Faux Croc Box  $1.50

LOVE LOVE this clock..   $2.99   How could I not get it.. 

The beginnings of my Holiday Display for Years to come!

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