Thursday, November 29, 2012

Quick post tonight.. Very little sleep last night and a lot of cleaning today. I was doing a quick early morning Craigslist check :) and found a bench! I have been looking for a bench, dark wood, sturdy. Nice size and look at the ad I found..


Sturdy, wood bench for sale.

(How could you not be baited in with such a glowing verbose ad :)   I'm a sucker for wood     I called the Bench owner, Mike.. why.. that was his name...LOL.   Any way I called him at Noon. Asked if I could pick it up tonight after traffic calmed down .  He said one other person had called, but he did  not think they really wanted it..  So he would hold it for me.      Drove there at 7pm.. GOT it!  and here it is!

Fit easy in my SUV, It was a little shorter and smaller than I thought, but that is not bad. I want it for an entryway or a bedroom...  Isn't it pretty?  Contemporary Rustic Eclectic is my design style..  Imagine this with some silver or burlap pillows.. or both?   I am not sure if I will do anything with it.. sand it?.. stain it? 
Paint the seat?  I will have to mull it over. It's still in my car, too tired to carry it in by myself tonight. I almost always have to carry all my furniture in alone.  Good think I go the gym!

  Got home in time to see the 3rd Quarter of the Saints VS Falcons Football game..        *Yes, I love Football too.. My team is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, btw* 

So what do you think of my "Sturdy wood bench" for $20.00?   What should I do with it?

 Not too shabby.. I am happy!  Here is my Pinterest link too!   Please post yours so I can see what makes you design giddy!
 More of my last Thrift store Haul tomorrow night... I wanted to show you some of my art.  I like to take  Thrift Store art and re-work/repaint  to more suit my taste.     You can always add colors to the painting that you want.    I like to take a painting that has very bright colors and tone them down.   Using a walnut stain, it will mute the colors and make the whole painting seemed far more aged... Or repaint the whole thing, completely change it all.  Much cheaper than buying it from a gallery and you can put your own style into it. I can buy a huge painting to re-do much cheaper than buying a blank canvas.  I use whatever paint or brushes I have on hand.   Acrylic or latex house paint.. stains.  I put the stain on with an old sock, If I want to simply age it I apply it in small circles. If I want to change the painting more, I will pounce the color or stain on.  Pouncing gives a very dappled light or dark affect.  (I will post a work done like that soon.. it's drying right now..) 

I love abstract art.. and here are some of my work/repaints:

 The above one, isn't finished yet... Work in Progress.

 This was a beach scene.. Now it is more a view of the heavens from  outer space.

 This was a mountain.  I paid $20 for it. Love the size and the frame.
 This was a portrait of screaming smiling faces dripping in blood before (Yes, really)until I made it a full abstract. It was $9.00
 Another beach scene repaint.. This is an outer space desert planet..
 This was a few blocks on red.. and now a full abstract.  I think I may add some more color to it.. so again.. work in progress, This is my current favorite. It cost $7.00
This I used the walnut stain on to mute all the really bright green and add depths to the stripes. 

Thrift stores near me, have an amazing selection and variety of Art.  I have looked for years and had never found very much.  Since living here I have found so many.. I know own close to 40 pieces of art, much more than my little place can I handle.  BUT I am moving next year to a bigger place that  I hope to own so I am stockpiling all the art that I find, that I love and that are affordable.     Large pieces and works that speak to me... or that I think I can re-work till I love.    I want a home that is part gallery.  I love moving artwork around, swapping this work for that work.   Just doing that can so change a room.    I would love to own 100 paintings.   In my living room currently, I have 18 paintings/works of art.    Also I will paint a piece, then hang it up... mull over what it needs, then get in a mood to add more to it... till it is really done.    When someone comes to my home I want them to think they are in a comfy gallery filled with conversation starting treasures!

Don't be afraid to buy something you aren't in love with and make it right for you!  I never thought I would be an artist, but painting is so relaxing and invigorating at the same time. I love taking control of the canvas, and hanging it up when I am done.  My first work was not very good.. but I got better.  So will you!  

Happy Thrift painting!    

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thrift store haul list

 This is my latest haul from a Goodwill in Tempe, AZ   Part 1  It was 25% off everything day there!

1.Bamboo bench   $5.25  I am going to repaint this.. probably white.
2.Orange Fiber glass chest from the 1980's  with locking top.. $5.25

Here they are together.. I love the funky feel of the chest.. with it's Vintage Stickers for "Texas Instruments" Geophysical systems 1979,  

3. Multi colored candle with charm $2.30
4.  A pair of brand new over the knee suede high heel boots  $7.25
5.  Black small tree candle holder $2.30

6.   A ceramic plate with a raised design in the middle.. This still had the tag on it.  A little research and I found out it was a garlic mincer hand made from a Pottery studio in Oregon. It sales for $25.00  from this site

 I paid  $2.30 for mine...

7,8,9  Three awesome pillow.. My favorite is a black one with orange and red circles. It's modern and brand new!  each were under $2.00
10.  Art Deco wooden basket   $4.50   I just saw it and had to get it.. It's not woven and it's actual wood. Not sure what I am going to do with it..  It was very nifty,,

UPDATE Decemeber 18,:    CAN you believe this is listed for $75.00 online!   I bought my basket for under $5.00

I got more on this visit. Part 2 tomorrow!  I have videos of my last two hauls that I will post as well!

What do you think so far?  Find any great treasures for your own Cat palace?
 I have a horrible addiction.  Yes, Cats.. and Thrift Stores.  I love them and have to pet and shop several times a week!    I love to find treasures for great prices.. I have filled my tiny place and am looking to buy a bigger place next year.    Follow my blog for humor and thrifty goodness!

Just a small taste of the wonderful things I find.  This is a leather wine rack that I am using a hall table. It was $17.99 at Goodwill. I  love the color, the lines. It's like a leather sculpture that holds more thrifty finds.  I will post next what I put on it !    I have found tons of artwork as well.. some I keep as is, some gets repainted or stained to make it more dark..  

Welcome to my blog, I have so much to show you!