Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thrift store haul list

 This is my latest haul from a Goodwill in Tempe, AZ   Part 1  It was 25% off everything day there!

1.Bamboo bench   $5.25  I am going to repaint this.. probably white.
2.Orange Fiber glass chest from the 1980's  with locking top.. $5.25

Here they are together.. I love the funky feel of the chest.. with it's Vintage Stickers for "Texas Instruments" Geophysical systems 1979,  

3. Multi colored candle with charm $2.30
4.  A pair of brand new over the knee suede high heel boots  $7.25
5.  Black small tree candle holder $2.30

6.   A ceramic plate with a raised design in the middle.. This still had the tag on it.  A little research and I found out it was a garlic mincer hand made from a Pottery studio in Oregon. It sales for $25.00  from this site   http://www.hoodrivergarlic.com/garlic-mincers.htm

 I paid  $2.30 for mine...

7,8,9  Three awesome pillow.. My favorite is a black one with orange and red circles. It's modern and brand new!  each were under $2.00
10.  Art Deco wooden basket   $4.50   I just saw it and had to get it.. It's not woven and it's actual wood. Not sure what I am going to do with it..  It was very nifty,,

UPDATE Decemeber 18,:    CAN you believe this is listed for $75.00 online!

http://www.secondshoutout.com/product/5989/mid-century-modern-wood-basket   I bought my basket for under $5.00

I got more on this visit. Part 2 tomorrow!  I have videos of my last two hauls that I will post as well!

What do you think so far?  Find any great treasures for your own Cat palace?

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