Thursday, November 29, 2012

Quick post tonight.. Very little sleep last night and a lot of cleaning today. I was doing a quick early morning Craigslist check :) and found a bench! I have been looking for a bench, dark wood, sturdy. Nice size and look at the ad I found..


Sturdy, wood bench for sale.

(How could you not be baited in with such a glowing verbose ad :)   I'm a sucker for wood     I called the Bench owner, Mike.. why.. that was his name...LOL.   Any way I called him at Noon. Asked if I could pick it up tonight after traffic calmed down .  He said one other person had called, but he did  not think they really wanted it..  So he would hold it for me.      Drove there at 7pm.. GOT it!  and here it is!

Fit easy in my SUV, It was a little shorter and smaller than I thought, but that is not bad. I want it for an entryway or a bedroom...  Isn't it pretty?  Contemporary Rustic Eclectic is my design style..  Imagine this with some silver or burlap pillows.. or both?   I am not sure if I will do anything with it.. sand it?.. stain it? 
Paint the seat?  I will have to mull it over. It's still in my car, too tired to carry it in by myself tonight. I almost always have to carry all my furniture in alone.  Good think I go the gym!

  Got home in time to see the 3rd Quarter of the Saints VS Falcons Football game..        *Yes, I love Football too.. My team is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, btw* 

So what do you think of my "Sturdy wood bench" for $20.00?   What should I do with it?

 Not too shabby.. I am happy!  Here is my Pinterest link too!   Please post yours so I can see what makes you design giddy!

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