Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Rough Horses...

 So  many things I love so much about thrifting is the thrill of the find, the excitement over  the price and then... The Detective work begins. I get home and the internet search starts.  Point in case are these two Horse Head Bookends. I saw one on the Goodwill shelf and loved him, I knew they would be pricey... wait $4.99   I did not care there were not two, I just loved the way it looked and then I saw the matching Horse.  In my cart they went right away.   A month or so went by before I found any info on them.  Someone else had a set of  my Horses. There's were pretty much perfect , mine have seen better days.. Been ridden hard really fits here.  Mine have so much character though.. Spots where the finish is gone, a missing ear (Metal.. how do you break off a metal ear)   One is missing the felt and cardboard bottom. 

And here is Horse #1 after a coat of Spray Paint.. I will do Two or three to bring back his stunning good

  Here is the pic of the perfect Horses.. Mine will be very close when I am done..


Hand Cast Metal Horse Head Bookends


This is an older set of PM Philadelphia Mfg. Co. hand cast metal ware. Probably from the 1960's. They are of a silver color (possibly a silver plate as there is some tarnish) plated white metal. The horses headwearing a halter. Very nice design work that is well proportioned.
They areabout 6 7/8" tall. 7 1/2" long and about 3 7/8" deep. They show some wear and minor dents around the base area, some light tarnish, but not bad. The felt bottom and manufacturer stickers are in good condition. Cast wording on the book side of each read "PMC 89B". They are very heavy and will hold books.

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